Open for inspection

Open house inspections are still worth the stress allowing your property to gain greater exposure in the buyers’ market. To help you get the most out of your open house we have put together 5 main points when planning and carrying out your open house inspection to assist you through the process.

1. Market the open house
Holding an open house is about event planning and marketing. At Main Street Realty we can increase your chance of finding the right buyer for your home. With the internet and social media sites on a high this gives you greater exposure for your open house. Using social media sites, we are able to target the buyer for your home. Targeting specific ages and suburbs to give your home the best possible marketing we possibly can.

2. Send out invitations
Main Street Realty will send our formal addressed invitations to people in the area and neighbouring suburbs showcasing the photos and details of the listing and special offerings, such as tea and coffee or catering to make your open house inviting and stand out. Odds are people who live in the area and want their friends and family to move close by will spread the word for you.

3. Share on social media
We will post the details of your open for inspection across all your social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn and You Tube) and community pages that allow us to do so. We also, encourage the seller to get on board and share the post with their social networks.

4. Prepare the home and marketing collateral
Ensure the house looks its best for inspection day by making sure it is clean, uncluttered, deodorised and staged well inside and out. At Main Street Realty we even go to the extreme of giving the sellers a list of tasks to complete before the house can be opened for inspection. Also, remind sellers to lock away valuables (credit cards and jewellery), and prescription medications to prevent them from theft. On the day, make sure you get there early enough to set everything up and make any minor tweaks to the staging or last minute cleaning if needed. Ensure the doors are open, all the lights are on and everything looks as neat as possible. We also have something for visitors to take away with them so they can easily get in touch with us. We Hand out a double-sided, A4-sized flyer highlighting the home’s features, land size, room dimensions, floor plan, photographs of popular neighbourhood amenities, a map showing the location of the nearest stores, schools, public transport and other important facilities and landmarks, and our contact details, of course.