Blackbutt QLD Climate History

We have put together the following graphs out lining the following Weather history.

Max temp history

Blackbutt minimum temp history
(26.8852°S, 152.1011°E, 437m
hottest ever this month 39.0° 20/10/2002
hottest this year 36.3° 16/02/2016
Hottest this month 28.5° 07/10/2016
Long term average 27.5°
Average this month 25.8°
Hottest October on record Avg Max temp 29.5 2014
Rainfall history
Blackbutt rainfall history (26.8852°S, 152.1011°E, 437m AMSL)
Wettest this year 51.0mm 20/06/2016
Wettest this month 0.2mm 01/10/2016
Driest this year 0.0mm 01/01/2016
Driest this month 0.0mm 03/10/2016
Total to October 504.8mm 77.0 days
Total this month 0.2mm 1.0 days
YTD average rainfall 488.6mm 80.0 days
Long term average 50.7mm 7.2 days
Wettest October 109.4mm 2014
Min temp history
Blackbutt rainfall history (26.8852°S, 152.1011°E, 437m AMSL)
Coldest ever 0.3° 09/10/2009
Coldest this year -2.6° 26/06/2016
Coldest this month 2.8° 01/10/2016
Long term average 11.5°
Average this month 6.7°
Coldest October on record Avg. min. temp. 10.0° 2009
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